6:30 AM

We've done it!


The plane

After a hard marathon we finally got inside the plane! Music in my ears I felt a sensation of pure relaxation.

run! run! run! scrolling mouse Slide below the queue! scrolling mouse
run! run! run! scrolling mouse

After taking the last bus with all sort of other tourist going to the airport we finally arrived at the airport. The gate of our flight are closing in some minutes! It’s a race we need to run across the whole airport!

The final bus

tourist luggage

There we took the bus without knowing if it was the right one... From the window I saw some people with luggage, we should get out of the bus now! Those people are for sure going to the airport! We went from bus just in time. I’m feeling already better we found the way to the airport.

The good idea

I asked some czech bus worker how could we go to the airport. They didn’t seem to understand me so I had to mime them the plane flying. They indicated another bus stop, I wasn’t sure if they understood but we couldn’t do anything else so we went to that bus stop.

The stupid idea

The American guy wanted to call a taxi, okay it will be expensive but at least we can get our plane! The problem is we have together something like 8€ and the taxi is much more expensive! Maybe we could take the taxi then run out of it without paying ?
This is a very shitty idea...

The stress

music note music note music note music note music note music note

To chill, a bit I listened to some music. Trying to not be too stressed and think of a way to get us out of this situation. Music: https://www.bensound.com

The bus

We talked a bit with the guy in the bus, he is american, apparently we should get down at stop 23. We check google map to see where we should exactly take the next bus. Shit I got 12% battery left! But it’s only 04h00 the bus is at 04h20 so we have time to find the next stop.Unfortunaly the place google map indicate doesn’t exist there is no bus stop! We wait till 04h30...

NO BUS! I’m starting to stress. Damnn where could it be ? How will we go to the airport!

The street

Seifertova street doesn’t look very friendly we can see drunk people, dealers and all sort of weird people here. Next to the bus stop there is a guy with huge baggage, probably someone going to the airport like us! We go talk to him.

lamp lamp lamp lamp

-Heyyy dude you’re also going to the airport?
(Alcohol had effect on our speaking!)
-Yes, I need to take the bus n43 and then a special bus take me to the airport

Great, I tell Hugo we will follow him, he seem to know where is the airport.

scrolling mouse

The bar

Heya! I’m going to tell you a story about my life. It’s not boring I promise!

Let’s begin! I was in Prague with my friend Hugo, last night before we took the plane at 6h30. We wanted to profit of that last night at maximum so we drank Czech beers till 03 am. Damn those beers are good!

At 3 am we thought it was time to go to the airport! I took my phone, «oh shit 15% Battery!» Let’s check google map it will go easy. It’s on Seifertova street! We went there!

scrolling mouse bottle of beer beer bottle of beer beer